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The Municipal Finance Authority of British Columbia (MFA) was created in 1970 to contribute to the financial well-being of local governments throughout BC. The MFA pools the borrowing and investment needs of BC communities through a collective structure and is able to provide a range of low cost and flexible financial services to our clients equally, regardless of the size of the community. The MFA is independent from the Province of British Columbia and operates under the governance of a Board of Members appointed from the various Regional Districts within the province.
What does the MFA do?
The MFA provides long- and short-term financing, investment management, leasing and other financial services to communities and public institutions in BC.

You may already be familiar with some of the work that we have done to help build BC communities:

  • raised over $5 billion for community capital projects
  • pooled long-term borrowing needs to negotiate low-interest rates and favourable terms each year
  • saved BC taxpayers millions of dollars in debt repayments due to our high credit rating, and low interest rates

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