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Crust Bakery is a boutique bakery at Uptown, with a mixture of modern Canadian and French style baking and patisserie techniques. All of our products are made from scratch, each and every day. We embrace local and seasonal ingredients, and our food is a creative reflection of this. We do not use any artificial or premixed ingredients. We have a large variety of vegetarian and gluten-free products too! Crust Bakery is the creation of husband and wife team, Crystal and Tom Moore. Our bread styles include our “Rustic Rye” (a light rye), “White Sourdough” (cool fermented and basket proofed for 24 hours), our French-style baguette, our 9 Grain wholemeal loaf and garlic-rosemary focaccia, as well as specialty breads throughout the week. Our Cinnamon, fruit and nut bread (made on Fridays) is a popular choice! Crust Bakery uses a local specialty Artisan flour, which is unbleached and minimally processed, leaving an almost wholemeal flour. Pastries, tarts, muffins and croissants are also made daily until sold out. Savoury breakfast and lunch items include delicious danishes, quiches, sandwiches, sausage rolls and pies.

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