International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day! This week we sat down with a few inspiring women within our Uptown Community, all with very different paths and careers that have led them to where they are today. We’d like to share a little about them and tell their story and experiences.

Who: Katarina

What: Civil Project Engineer

Where: WSP

Career Advice: Do what you are passionate about and what you’re good at.

Advice to younger self: Don’t feel as though you have to pick one career and stick with it, take the pressure off and find out what you love by trying. Process of elimination can also reveal your career path.

Growing up in Sweden, Katarina was raised without experiencing gender stereotypes. This has helped her be completely void of any negative connotations in her predominantly male profession.

Who: Nicole

What: Electrical Project Engineer

Where: WSP

Career Advice: When starting out, tap into resources and support systems you have available, whether that be mentors or family members.

Advice To Younger Self: Let the small stuff go and focus on the bigger picture and larger goals.

Community Connection: Worked with our shared initiative BBBS and hosted Go Girls: workshops in their offices


Who: Khloe

What: Owner

Where: Amelia Lee downtown and Uptown

Career Advice: Community over competition!

Business: Khloe has built a strong brand around featuring and selling quality and locally made products. Her purpose has been to approach retail differently by building a conscious and ethical retail experience for moms and children to shop alike.

Advice to younger Self: You deserve a big hug.

Experience as a young women in retail business: Back in 2009 when Khloe was starting her retail business, the international women’s movement wasn’t as strong as it is today. The retail world was competitive and as a young women she didn’t find community or support easy to come by. Khloe started her business without a bank loan or financial support and found that she wasn’t taken seriously when meeting with banks in regards to starting her own business. Today, she is much more inclined to work a business if it is female lead or has a primarily all female staff.


Who: Megan

What: Owner

Where: The Green Kiss

Career Advice: Don’t think you don’t belong in a business or deserve a seat at the table due to lack of industry experience. To start a business, you don’t have to be an expert in a field. Don’t wait until all of the circumstances are perfect, just go for it.

Advice to younger Self: Everything is figure-outable. Just go for it.

Uptown Community Connection: Did a two week pop up 4 years ago at Uptown. Did a two month Holiday 2018 pop up, and is now here to stay!


Who: Saira

What: Branch Manager

Where: RBC Uptown, Burnside & Tillicum

Career Advice: Say yes to opportunities that come your way. Experience can be relevant and not necessarily topical. Passion will outweigh and fill in any aps and experience you may have. As a woman it’s important to put your hand up and take a risk. If you don’t, someone else will.

Advice to your younger self: It’s okay to be wrong and make mistakes.


Thank you to everyone who shared their story and their advice with us!