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Parachute Ice Cream

Food & Gourmet Specialty

Parachute Ice Cream is thrilled to be part of the Uptown family! Established in 2016, our store on Bridge St in Rock Bay makes all our ice cream from seasonal fruit, house-recipe baked goods, and as many local products as possible.

Our dairy is sourced from the Cowichan Valley and Saanich Peninsula, and we also create water buffalo milk gelato from Comox. For those that are vegan or cannot eat dairy, we also create delicious coconut-milk based ice creams from scratch.

Our ice creams are traditional, custard-based ice creams, just like what you remember from when you were a kid. Our flavours are both traditional and adventurous, and always changing. We are so excited to offer scoops and hand-packed pints to the Uptown community – come by for a taste at our Kiosk!

Ice cream is love and love is all you need.

Located in Town Plaza, just outside David’s Tea.

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11 AM - 7 PM


11 AM - 9 PM


11 AM - 5 PM

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Uptown Blvd or P1 Purple Coming Soon